Moving to Hsinchu

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Mid February we moved to Hsinchu. Simone’s mum came to visit us for that time to help us move. That really was a big help. We already settled in pretty well and feel at home. Joe started to participate in the teaching at the Lutheran Seminary. He is teaching a church history class together with another Taiwanese teacher. At the beginning most of the teaching will be done by the other teacher. Joe can participate in class and contribute his opinion. He already taught one class and will be teaching another class next week. Teaching in Chinese still is a big challenge, because besides preparing the content of the class, Joe also needs to learn a lot of new vocabulary. He also needs to spend a lot of time for his doctoral thesis, so that he can finish it as soon as possible. Amy attends a preschool of the Presbyterian church now and has settled in very well. We also got to know a lot of families with little kids already. So often in the afternoon Simone can take the kids out to play with other kids. We are really happy that we already settled in so well and are excited to see what God has in store for us here in Hsinchu.

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