Chinese New Year

Mid-February we celebrated Chinese New Year, the biggest family celebration in Taiwan and Chinese culture. Before Chinese New Year Amy and Anna learned a lot about traditions and stories about Chinese New Year in preschool. They also taught us a lot we didn’t know yet. They did a lot of crafts, too. Amy, for example, painted a sign with Chinese characters to hang at our door.
During the holidays we went to Taipei and stayed in our former home, which is currently vacant. Our former neighbors invited us to celebrate together with them. We ate a lot of yummy food, played games, had a little firework, … At one of the holidays we went to a park we occasionally visited while we still lived in Taipei. At night we went to a night market to visit one of Joe’s students, who is also one of Anna’s best friends. Because his parents have a stall on the night market, he grew up there and knows a lot of people and which stalls have the best food… We ate a lot of delicious things there and the girls enjoyed playing some games. We also attended the worship of our former church. It was really nice to reconnect with so many friends over the holidays and it just felt a little bit like coming home…

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