Chinese New Year

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Before we moved to Hsinchu we celebrated our third Chinese New Year in Taipei. At the same time that was also a farewell to our beloved friends in Taipei.
In the days before Chinese New Year preparations have been seen all over the city. There have been mountains of candy and everywhere tons of oranges and apples, as these fruits as New Year gifts symbolize peace and prosperity. Also many other things that are needed for the sumptuous New Year dinners are piled up in the markets. One day I was still out running after midnight and even at that time the market was still open and on the road side 3 trucks with half pigs were unloaded… That was quite delicious, especially when next to me a load of intestines was thrown from the truck into a basket…
The holidays we have spent with our neighbor families and friends and on the third day of Chinese New Year Simone’s mother came from Germany and we finally moved to Hsinchu.
Here are a few videos from the New Year’s dinner with our neighbors, if you like see how a celebration and the food looks like: New Year celebration 1, New Year celebration 2, New Year celebration 3.

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