Taiwanese Wedding

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Lately we were invited to a Taiwanese wedding. First there was the wedding service in our church – similar to a wedding in Germany or in the US. Amy and another girl were flower girls and they had to wear a rented dress that was especially changed for them. We even had to go twice to the dress store to try on. The reception after the church service was on the 86th floor of Taipei 101 (the fourth highest building of the world) and more than 300 guests were invited. First we had to give the present at a reception table. There is a table for the guests of the bridegroom and one for the guests of the bride. If you are a guest of the bridegroom, you go to that table and hand over your gift (a red envelope with money). Before the wedding day it is already clear how much the food costs and so the envelope should contain the money for the food and some extra. At the reception it will be written in a list, who gave how much money. As a flower girl Amy also received a red envelope with money from the bride and groom. When all the guests sat at their tables, first the parents of the bride and groom came in to the hall and then the newly-weds entered, whereas the bride wore a different dress now. There was a delicious 10-course meal while the bride and groom and their parents went from table to table clinking glasses with the guests. Between the courses there was a little game for the bride and groom. After dinner, the party was over and the newly-weds stood at the entrance and sent their guests off with some sweets (the bride had changed her dress one more time). It was a great wedding day, which we still joyfully remember.
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