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We are back now in Germany for about a month. It’s nice to be back with family and friends but we miss our friends in America, of course. On the first of March we start working with Marburg Mission Foundation and we expect to leave as missionaries to Taiwan at the end of the year.
But even in the “meantime” before we start working in Marburg we are not bored: Amy and Simone are going once a week in the toddlers group of our church and to a children singing group. Amy enjoys that very much and she always starts dancing when she hears music. Even her first snow (in America there was none) she enjoyed a lot and she did not want to leave the sled again).
Joe works in this interim time in his old company in Bad Wildbad. He is happy to see his colleagues again and to hear what happened in their lives recently and to tell about our time in the US. In our church in Germany we have been well received and have settled in well. We attend again our old small group, our Bible club, and also help to do the “Kids Adventure Bible Days” next week.
We also have to start preparing for our time at Marburg Mission and to decide on several open questions for our time in Taiwan. For example where will we live in Taiwan? In what language school do we go? … This is all pretty exciting and we hope that some of the open points will be clarified soon. We will definitely keep you up to date.

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