Chinese New Year

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The first half of February we celebrated Chinese New Year. Although it´s already past, we want to share a little bit about how we celebrated Chinese New Year with you…
Chinese New Year has six holidays in a row and is the biggest family holiday in Taiwan. Already the night before Chinese New Year the family will gather and have a big meal together (a little similar to the German Christmas Eve). Like in the last years our former neighbors from Taipei invited us to celebrate Chinese New Year with them. We feel very honored to be included in their families.
At Chinese New Year, kids and parents give each other red envelopes with money (Hong Bao) as a gift. Amy and Anna also got some of these envelopes, which made them very happy.
Lantern Festival, which is two weeks after New Year’s Eve, is the official ending of the Chinese New Year celebrations. In a lot of parks beautiful lanterns are put on display and the kids (and also adults) really like to watch them.
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