Half-time of the second semester

AusflugstagSeminar Vorlesung
Missionsvortrag Kleingruppe
Last week we had midterm exams, which means that half of our second semester at China Lutheran Seminary is over. As in the first semester, Joe participates in the church history class, which enables him on the one hand to prepare the content of the class for the future and, on the other hand, to continue his research work. In addition, new tasks have also been added in this semester, for example a small group with the new students that meets at home every other week. We also have community activities, for example, two weeks ago we had an excursion with all the students and staff of the seminary. It is nice that we are now more and more part of the community here and we already know the Chinese names of many people, which is not that easy to remember for us foreigners…

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