Toddler Group

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A few weeks ago Simone and a few other mums started a toddler group at the seminary. The mums here mainly know bible study groups for mothers. A group that focuses on the little kids is for many of them a new idea. A lot of churches in Germany offer this kind of group. Simone wants to show this concept to the mothers at the seminary. We hope that we will be able to invite some mums who live nearby after the summer break.
Because our church in Germany has a very good toddler group ministry, Simone takes their material, translates it in Chinese and adopts it to the Chinese context. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. At the moment we are six to seven mums and about ten kids. At the beginning we sing a few songs and then we use a hand puppet called Lili to share a little Bible story with the kids. After that we have a little snack time. During snack time we have a short sharing for the mums before we do some activities like doing easy crafts or playing games with the kids…

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