The Crooked Mailboxes

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One of the shop signs that fell down during typhoon Soudelor created a new tourist attraction (only 300m away from our home)! The sign fell on two mailboxes causing them both bending sideways in the same angle. It looks quite cute. When we passed by the first time, there was a big crowd, a barrier, two security people in uniform, and a team with a TV camera. We first thought that there might be a celebrity or there is some kind of TV series produced. But then we saw the mailboxes and that people were queuing to take pictures with these mailboxes. Since the typhoon there are always people queuing sometimes even until after midnight to take some fun pictures, which sometimes even causes traffic jams. The mailboxes are mentioned in the news, have their one facebook page and there are also souvenirs to buy and cupcakes with the crooked mailboxes on top…

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