Visit from Simone’s Family

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In April we had Simone’s family visiting us. First Simone’s brother Andy and his wife Ulla came and one week later Simone’s parents also arrived. In their first week Andy and Ulla explored Taipei and we enjoyed a lot having this time together. When Simone’s parents came, we wanted to pick them up at the airport and then all together right away drive to the South for a few days of vacation. But unfortunately a few days before Anna got sick. So we first had to stay in Taipei. Andy and Ulla first by themselves went to the South by train and fortunately we were able to follow two days later. We were very happy that it finally worked out that we could spend some time together in Kenting in the South of Taiwan. We enjoyed this family time very much and went hiking, swimming in the sea, looked for shells – all in wonderful warm weather…. Andy and Ulla finally took the train back to the airport and with Simone’s parents we spent three more days driving back to Taipei along the East coast. Beautiful nature, a hotel with hot springs and a night in the Taroko Gorge were on our schedule. Back in Taipei we had another week with Simone’s parents. Simone’s mother was already in Taipei last year when Anna was born. But now also Simone’s father was able get to know our live here in Taipei. It was really nice to have our family here and especially Amy and Anna enjoyed having this time with grandparents and family.

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