Joe’s Parents Visiting

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Beginning of February Joe’s parents came to visit us for ten days. First we showed them how our everyday life in Taipei looks like – where we buy our food, where Amy goes to preschool, our church… Although the weather was not that good, we had a lot of wonderful experiences, like a traditional Chinese tea ceremony or watching the cherry blossom in the surrounding mountains. After a few days we went to Kenting in the South of Taiwan. There we enjoyed the wonderful warm weather, swam in the sea, played on the beach, and did some sightseeing in the area. We visited, for example, a place where natural gas is coming out of the ground that ignites itself. On this “natural bonfire” we even made our own popcorn :). On our way back to Taipei we drove along the beautiful east coast. We learned how to plant rice, saw monkeys playing beside the street and a lot more. Last but not least we visited the Taroko Gorge with its several hundred meter high marble walls. All in all it was a great time and we enjoyed showing Joe’s parents how our life in Taiwan looks like. Amy and Anna also enjoyed the time with their grandparents a lot.

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