Amy’s third birthday

DSC06780 DSC06773
DSC06823 DSC06809
DSC06975 DSC06988
DSC06997 DSC06999This year we celebrated Amy’s birthday three times. On her actual birthday we as a family have been on vacation. Besides presents and birthday cake, we enjoyed our time in the hot springs and flew a kite on the beach. One week later we celebrated Amy’s birthday in her preschool. Once a month they have a birthday party for all the kids whose birthday is in that month. The parents and siblings are invited to join the birthday party. We also ate cake and the kids who celebrated their birthday got a present. Not long ago we celebrated Amy’s birthday at home. We planned to invite two girls from Amy’s preschool with their families. But because the both told us last minute that they could not come, we invited some young people from our church to eat birthday cake and make German Christmas cookies.
We are very grateful that God gave us Amy and for all the time that we could already spend with her.

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