New Family Life

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It has already been more than a month that we posted anything. We are really busy at the moment getting used to a family life of four and finding a new rhythm. Regarding the Taiwanese culture, Simone can now, one month after giving birth, leave the house again. Traditionally Taiwanese women have to spend the first month at home to rest. They are cared for by their family, eat special things, such as chicken soup and do not wash the hair. Today not every Taiwanese woman is doing all of that anymore. Nevertheless, many times when Simone left the house for example to pick up Amy from preschool, we got well-intentioned advice from different people.
We are very happy to have Anna with us now, but it is also a big challenge. Especially the nights are sometimes hard. We hope that we will not have to get used to this and that it changes soon ;). Simone also has to find a new daily routine, in which also the Chinese learning has its place. Twice a week, one of Simone’s teachers comes to our home now. This is really great!
Amy is a very proud big sister. She often wants to hold Anna and cuddle with her. If Anna is crying, she quickly goes to her giving her the pacifier or singing a lullaby for her. She is also a big helper with changing Anna’s diapers :). It’s great to see how much she loves her little sister. Sometimes she is also a little bit jealous ;), but not too much :). We are very thankful for God giving us this great gift of our two lovely girls!

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