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Since February, I am now going to a Taiwanese preschool. It was a big change for me (and of course for mommy and daddy, too). But now I really enjoy going there and my Chinese has already improved a lot. With the kids on the playground I try to speak in Chinese and even at home I sometimes talk to mommy and daddy in Chinese or tell them how to say a word in Chinese. Sometimes I ‘m even use correct small sentences. Mommy and daddy are sometimes quite amazed about what I already can say in Chinese ;).
Every morning at 9 o’clock I go to preschool. Daddy brings me there because mommy is already in school. Like all the other kids, I wear a “preschool jogging suit”. The other kids always say hello to me at the door and are happy to see me. In preschool, we do a lot of different things. We play, sing, dance, go to the playground in the park next to the preschool, do sports, and sometimes we even go on a trip. Last Saturday for example, we went together with our moms and dads in a chocolate factory.
I ‘m also eating lunch in preschool. Almost every day we have soup, rice, vegetables and meat. At first I did not always want to eat that. So I told mommy at home that I would not like to eat rice, but noodles and tortellini. But now it does not bother me anymore and I think it tastes quiet good. The other kids then take a nap, but mommy picks me up at 12:30pm. It’s really nice that I can do so many great things with all the other kids.

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