Happy New Year

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This year New Year’s Eve was very different from the last years … There was no worship service and we couldn’t eat Raclette, which many people in Germany eat at New Year’s eve (it’s pretty hard to get good cheese here…). As a family we ate a delicious roast together. Then we went to our church for a while where the young people’s group celebrated New Year’s Eve together. Then, at midnight, we watched the fireworks from our roof terrace together with the students from the 5th floor. Although the people here do not have private fireworks, some public places here have public fireworks. The biggest is at Taipei 101 (the big skyscraper in Taipei). From our roof terrace we can see the Taipei 101 quiet well. So we had not to go to the very crowded place and still had a nice view ;). January 1st was in Taiwan also a holiday and we went with Amy to a large park nearby. The park has a nice playground, which even has a sandbox (quite uncommon in the little parks around us). The sandbox was slightly overcrowded, but Amy was nevertheless very pleased …
Even though the new year started already a few days ago, we wish you all a blessed New Year 2014! “Xin Nian Kuai Le”!


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  1. You call that sandbox “slightly” overcrowded!?!?! That is quite the picture! But if Amy enjoyed it, I guess that’s what is important.
    By the way, I hope you are prepared for the second round of fireworks for Chinese New Year.

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