Working in Marburg

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Last week we once again worked in the mission headquarters in Marburg. This time we stayed at the home of the mission director Rainer Becker and his wife. We enjoyed being together with them very much. It’s always nice meeting the staff at the headquarters and getting to know them better. Amy loves visiting our colleagues in their offices and keeping them from doing their work ;-). Joe has worked at the English translation of the webpage of the Marburger Mission and took care of the paperwork for our visas. The weather last week was really great and so we were able to set up a small swimming pool for Amy in the garden, which she loved a lot. From time to time the wife of a colleague with her little son Jonathan came to visit and Amy played with him. Several times we also got together for dinner with another family going as missionaries to Albania in September. When we have been in Marburg last time, we even had a barbecue with other colleagues in the garden of our Director (of course after work;-)).

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